A Human Resource team functions as part of the hub of success for most businesses.

They hire and retain valuable employees. They set and protect policies designed to move the business toward future success.

Many such teams, however, find themselves overly burdened by the myriad details involved in keeping a retirement plan compliant and efficient. That’s where Advanced Benefits Consulting comes in.


Simply put, we work as an extension of your HR team, offering retirement plan expertise.

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To support your team, we…


Stay abreast of all rules and regulations governing retirement plans so the HR team doesn’t have to.


Make sure all employee and participant notices are managed on time.


Perhaps most important, adeptly manage the inevitable changes in governance so you don’t have to.


Manage the small details and the big ones in daily, monthly, and yearly compliance activities.

The customer service we offer HR teams is unparalleled: Our experts answer questions, solve problems, and meet deadlines with helpful, friendly, and consistent communication.

Your HR team deserves an expert retirement plan partner.

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